Sale 8

Lot 31


1930, Graf Zeppelin Issue complete, 65c green, $1.30 light brown, $2.60 blue, perfect margins, light wrinkles, extremely fine (Scott C13-C15 P2).
Scott $45,000.

Lot 29


1940 Famous Americans Issues Complete, perfect margins, 9 with insignificant varying faults, generally fine to extremely fine (Scott 859-893P2).
Scott $28,000.

Lot 243


Australia, 1917, Kangaroo and Map, 2½d deep indigo, Variety "1" of fraction omitted, light duplex cancel centered, very fine, R.P.S. Victoria Cert. (2015).
SG 36ba; £35,000. (Scott 46a).
Scott $50,000

One of the Rarest Stamps in Australia Philately

Lot 32


1933, "Chicago" Zeppelin Century of Progress Issue 50c green, perfect margins, extremely fine (Scott C18 P2).
Scott $11,000

Purportedly 5 other known copies

Lot 20


1932 Washington Bicentennial Issue 1/2c to 10c Set of 12, perfect margins, 1/2c corner crease, extremely fine (Scott 704-15P2).
Scott $10,250

Purportedly only three other complete sets known. Exceptional

Lot 270

Hong Kong, 1879 3¢ on 5¢ on 18¢ on unused white card with blue printing Variety "short T" and "VIA BRINDISI & LONDON" crossed off, a fresh and bright card, extremely rare and extremely fine (Scott 35Ci).
Scott $9,000.

Lot 24


1934 National Parks Issue 1c to 10c complete, perfect margins, extremely fine (Scott 740-714P2).
Scott $6,500.

Lot 227

Nova Scotia, 1851, 1s deep purple unused, close but clear margins all round deep precise impression and color known only in the 1851 1st printing, fault free and quite fine copy of this incredibly rare stamp, Greene Cert (2016).
SG 7c. (Scott 6b).
Scott $27,500

We have found only four other unused examples of this scarce stamp. Koh Coll (1) crease, Baillie (3) 1 thin, 1 watermarked., Jepcott and Foxbridge had Baillie's stamps. This discovery is number 5 of which 2 have faults. A MUST for an exhibition.

Lot 394

Hong Kong, The Christopher Gilmore Collection of George VI Issues 1938-1952, Thousands of stamps for the most part, professionally identified, in the extreme and contained primarily in two jam-packed ring binders, plus ancillary material in one stock book, loose pages, and approval cards. Control singles and blocks, plate singles and blocks, some used, many, many many n.h. Just fabulous. See website for photos.
Est. Cash Val. $5,000 - 7,000.

Lot 30


1927, 10¢ Lindbergh dark blue, perfect margins, extremely fine (Scott C10P2).
Scott $7,000.