Sale 6

Lot 367

Great Britain, "V R" Official, 1840, Queen Victoria, 1d black, Pair, letters E-G, E-H, unused, redistributed gum, faint horizontal crease, top margin expertly added along with just the top frame-line. The restoration is magnificent and virtually undetectable. A magnificent exhibition piece.
SG V1; £90,000 as pair ($134,100). (Scott O1).
Scott $70,000 as singles

Blocks of four are more common than pairs. We note 6 blocks and 5 pairs exist. Many major collections, including Gross, "Daisy", Dale-Lichtenstein & Ferrari had no multiples

Opening Bid $10,000

Lot 434

Romania, Moldavia, 1854, 54pa blue on greenish paper, enormous to clear margins all around, "registration fold", tied by blue GALATZ 7/10 MOLDOVA c.d.s. on mourning folded letter to Jessy, on reverse H. Theologo Freres handstamps. A lovely and rare cover, Heimbuchler 2015 Cert. "a new discovery", (Scott 2).
Scott $10,000 for used stamp.

Opening Bid $5,000

Lot 55


Airmail, 1930, Graf Zeppelin complete, Top Plate Blocks of 6, each block hinged only on bottom center stamp, a normal number of gum wrinkles for the most part, with a few skips mostly on the 65¢, very fine (Scott C13-C15).
Scott $11,700

A wonderfully centered set from the preferred position

Opening Bid $7,000

Lot 377

New Zealand, 1855, Queen Victoria "Chalon Head", 2d dull blue on blued paper, London printing, Large Star watermark, unused, margins all around, clear two spots at right, various faults, none detracting from the brilliant color and appearance of this extremely rare stamp, Odenweller Cert (2013) states only "one closed tear … corner crease and five spots of rust…" (barely noticeable).
SG 2; £35,000 ($52,150). (Scott 2).
Scott $40,000

Our records show under 15 unused examples exist and have resided in most but not all of the great New Zealand collections. All but three are with faults or cut in.

Opening Bid $4,000

Lot 446

Russia, 1858, First Issue perforated, 20k blue & orange, well centered, "filing crease", tied by "443" in rectangle of dots cancel on folded letter sheet bearing merchant oval, on reverse BERDYANSK 14 NOV 1860 departure, to Odessa, Buchsbayew Cert (2015), E. Diena Cert (1991) (Scott 3).
Scott $15,000

A Great Rarity of Russian Philately

Opening Bid $2,700

Lot 316

Australian States: New South Wales, 1850, Sydney View, 2d dull blue, plate I, late impression, full original gum, good to very large margins all around showing some guide-lines, extremely fine, signed H. Block.
SG 18; £4,000 ($5,960). (Scott 3).
Scott $4,500

Incredibly rare stamp with gum and outstanding margins

Opening Bid $2,000

Lot 455

Switzerland, Used to the United States: 1854-55, Sitting Helvetia ("Strubel"), 40rp yellow green, strip of 3, pair and single, margins all around and two touched at places, plus 20rp pale orange, margins two sides, tied by grids on folded letter bearing P.D. handstamp, 6 in circle, red manuscript "2", and red SUISSE LES ROUSSES, on reverse various French transits, to New York.
Zumstein 26A, 25B. (Scott 19, 23).
Estimate $2,500 - 3,000.

Opening Bid $1,700

Lot 13


1847, 10¢ black, double transfer (type "A"), position 1R1, showing double transfer in "X" at bottom right, neat BLACK circular grid cancel leaving "X" visible, intense deep color, good to large margins all around, extremely fine and very rare, Foundation Cert. (1998) (Scott 2 var.).
Scott $2,850

A wonderful combination of variety and cancel

Opening Bid $1,350

Lot 420

Italian States: Modena, Used to the United States: 1852-53, 1L black and 15c black on yellow, 1L in at top together with lovely pair of 15c tied by bar cancels, on 1858 folded letter bearing various Italian markings, including red "21", "12", RD, red Bordeaux 11 DEC 58 transit, red boxed ____ Service, and large red PHILADELPHIA PAID JAN 5 receiver, on reverse GENOA 7 DEC 58 orgin and transits. Rare high franking to a rare destination, 9,3 (Scott 9, 3).
Scott $9,000 for 1L on cover Estimate $1,750 - 2,000.

Opening Bid $1,900

Lot 135

First Day Cover: 1922, 11¢ greenish blue, tied by FREEMONT OHIO OCT 4 1922 duplex on 2¢ entire bearing First Day handstamp, to New York City, a very rare cover from a very popular issue, (Scott 563).
Scott $3,750.

Opening Bid $1,450