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Lot 339
Germany, 1930, IPOSTA souvenir sheet, stamps never hinged, very fine.
Michel Block 1. (Scott B33).
Scott $1,200 Estimate $300 - 350.
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Lot 340

Germany, 1935, OSTROPA souvenir sheet, unused without gum; some penetration of watermark, still very fine.
Michel Block 3; €1,100. (Scott B68).
Scott $825 as without gum.
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Lot 341
Germany, 1933, Nothilfe souvenir sheet, cancelled Zittau 1b 29. 6. 34. 9-10 four strikes, "the measurements are within tolerated limits. The block margin is slightly stained and the paper is in part discolored on the back". A very critical description. Neverless it seems almost very fine to our eyes, Schlegel Certificate (2013) and signed.
Michel Block 2. (Scott B58).
Scott $9,750.
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