Sale 9

Lot 157

Australia, 1917, Kangaroo and Map, 2½d deep indigo, "1" of fraction omitted, light duplex cancel, centered, very fine, R.P.S. Victoria Cert. (2015).
SG 36ba; £35,000. (Scott 46a).
Scott $50,000 Est. Cash Val. $10,000 - 12,500

One of the rarest stamps in Australia philately, there are reportedly only 15 used and unused copies known. The recently auction Cartwell collection only had this error on a Perfed O.S.

Lot 210

New Brunswick, 1851, 1s bright red violet, margins all around, fresh,"filing crease" and tiny almost invissabl "black mark", fine, tied by "16" in oval grid (RF9 very rare) in 1855 folded letter sheet (one back flap tear), bearing ms." Registered No 181," on reverse HARVEY 15 DEC c.d.s. origin, Salisbury Bend-of Petticodiac and Dorchester (receiver) strikes, very rare, Greene Cert. (1998), Ex Carr and older HRH auction (lot #696).
Scott 3. (SG 5).
SG £13,500

There are only 22 1 shilling covers in existence, 9 being almost unobtainable bisects and quadrisects, and one strip of 3, hence only 12 bearing single frankings. This cover is one of the two known of the Registered internal rate. Obviously very scarce in any condition.

Lot 345

Mauritius, 1848-59, "Post Paid", EARLIEST IMPRESSION 1d orange vermilion on yellowish, neat sharp barred cancel, 4 outstanding margins, crisp and deep impression, a few small faults that detract little from this lovely classic stamp, Brandon Cert. (1979).
Scott 3. (SG 3).
SG £18,000

Very elusive and far, far rarer than the more common early impressions

Lot 292

India, 1856, Queen Victoria Typographed, 8a pale carmine, white paper, o.g., few wrinkles, excellent centering, very fine.
Scott 18. (SG 48).
SG £1,300.

Lot 343

Malaya, Straits Settlements, 1884, 8 in red on 8 cents in blue on 12c dull purple, unused, "faded and discolored" which is a bit harsh, good perforations, a fine copy of this great rarity, B.P.A. Cert. (2004).
Scott $11,000. SG 80b. (Scott 66).
SG £11,000

One of the great multiple surcharged stamps in British Commonwealth philately, only 60 produced. We note the following each had 1: Tay, Naylor, Woods, Burrus, Lilly, Ferrari (1 or 2) Hind, Tiong, Spink 10/28/17 2, Asch 2, Sidney, Harris, Samos, Nathan 0, 13 copies, 6 with faults or no gum, a truly rare and impressive stamp.

Lot 65


1847, 5¢ red orange, The Masked Franklin, the most expensive 5c shade by far being the last printing and Fifth Delivery (Dec. 7, 1850) just 3 months before the introduction of the new rates and the 1857 Issue, red cancel, maximum to good margins, showing adjacent stamp entirely at right, extremely fine, Foundation Cert. (2017) (Scott 1c).
Scott $9,500 Est. Cash Val. $3,000 - 3,250

The most distinctive aspect of this unique stamp is the "extraneous ink" accross Franklin's eyes. Probably a portrayal of Franklin at a party whilst stationed in Paris or as a highway man who some people thought he was.

Lot 7


1934, 1¢-10¢ National Parks, comprised of 1¢(5), 2¢(2), 3¢(1), 4¢(1), 5¢(2), 6¢(2), 7¢(11), 8¢(2), 9¢(1), 10¢(6) 33 in total, similar to those sold in our May 12, 2017 auction (Scott 740-749E).
Est. Cash Val. $3,000 - 4,000.

Lot 8


Airmail, 1933, 50¢ "Chicago" Zeppelin, 7 decidedly different, wonderful group, virtually the same set that was offered in our May 12, 2017 auction, also includes a lightly hinged block of 4 of C18 which probably does not belong (Scott C18E).
Est. Cash Val. $3,000 - 3,500.

Lot 63

1847, Used to Canada West, 5¢ red brown, PAIR, good margins to touched at left, showing portions of adjacent stamps 3 sides, small faults, just tied by red grids on 1849 folded letter sheet bearing red NEW YORK DEC 19 c.d.s., manuscript. "paid to the lines" and black QUEENSTOWN Dec 2 -1849 receiver, to St. Catherine. Attractive alternative to the more common 10¢ stamps, Foundation Cert. (2017) (Scott 1).
Est. Cash Val. $300 - 500.

Lot 155

Australia, 1913, Kangaroo and Map, £2 black & rose, original gum, almost very fine.
SG 16; £6,500. (Scott 15).
Scott $8,500 Est. Cash Val. $2,500 - 3,000.