Sale 9

July 31, 2018


    Session 1: July 2018 Auction
    At the famous Collectors Club in New York at 22 East 35th Street, and will commence at 1pm on Tuesday, July 31, 2018
    United States
Lots 1-11   Essays
Lots 12-51   Stamps on Auction Pages
Lots 52-125   Stampless, Regular Issues and Back-of-the-Book
Lots 126-134   Collections
    British Commonwealth Singles
Lots 135-138   Antigua
Lots 139-172   Australia and States
Lots 173-203   Bahamas through Burma
Lots 204-249   Canada and Provinces
Lots 250-259   Cape of Good Hope
Lots 260-276   Cyprus through Hong Kong
Lots 277-328   India
Lots 329-356   Iraq through St. Lucia
Lots 357-371   St. Vincent
Lots 372-375   Samoa and Seychelles
Lots 376-393   South Africa
Lots 394-398   Swaziland through Turks Island
    Foreign Singles
Lots 399-411   China through French Colonies
Lots 412-434   Iran
Lots 435-443   Italy through Uruguay
    British Commonwealth Area Collections
Lots 444-460   British Africa through British West Indies
    Foreign Country Collections
Lots 461-477   Canada through Yugoslavia
Lots 478-479   Worldwide Collections

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