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The "2 shilling Light Blue". 1910-13 2 shilling RSC Deep black and light blue RSC 'E' Deep black and light blue, The head colour is a very deep black. The frame coulour is a brilliant light blue with a tendency towards the S.G. Key 'pale blue'. This is the only 2s. in which the frame is seen as light blue under ultraviolet. In daylight the value tablets are smooth with a lack of distinct cross-hatching.

In daylight, there are two distinct frame colours, one light blue and the other a pale grayish light blue. The former shows considerable contrast between heavily and lightly inked areas, and the latter is noticeably monochromatic. This difference is confirmed under ultra-violet, and pale grayish light blue shade almost certainly represents a different printing, and should probably be regarded as a variant, o.g. extremely rare, small faults, fine, A far less controversial stamp than the S.G. 154a, R. Gibbs only had one o.g. sound example sold for £5600.
SG 154 var.; £1,900 for normal ($2,420). (Scott 112 var.),

Grossly undercatalogued rarity.

Opening Bid $500

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