Sale 9

Lot Photo Description Bidding
Lot 126
1869 Issue, Eclectic group of 26 stamps and one 2¢ cover, comprising 1¢ 1 unused 4 used, 2¢ unused and used, 3¢ unused,1 used, proof, 10¢, 2 unused, 12¢ unused, 6 used nice cancels, perfed TC, 15c, 3 used, 24c 2 used some very nicely centered and large stamps, some good regumming, very useful for retail and e-bay.
Scott $6,500 Est. Cash Val. $1,000 - 1,250.
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Lot 127

1919-38, fairly complete collection of 127 Plate Blocks of 6 or 4, in Gimbel album vast majority never hinged, all hinged ones noted, includes Lex-Concord complete, Norse 1¢, Hawaii complete o.g., Parks perf and imperf, Prexy to $2 and some airs, nice, clean selection, fine to very fine.
Scott $2,200 Est. Cash Val. $600 - 800.
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Lot 128

1890's to 1960's, collection of many hundred, on Minkus album pages (2-ring binders) plus coil pairs and plate blocks (2-ring binders), comprising Prexy's to $1 most famous Americans, Wash.-Franklin booklet panes, probably most never hinged and very fresh, useful lower end material, Liberty to $5.00, never hinged.
Est. Cash Val. $500 - 600.
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Lot 129

20th Century: The property as received housed in 3 stock books, a ring binder of hand-colored covers some later WWII a National Album with 20th Century and some Revenues, a Plate Block album, 1950's glassines, a lot of face or beter to be figured, PPC and some early covers plus U.N. album. Worth the time.
Est. Cash Val. $400 - 600.
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Lot 130
1861-66, a fine group of 11 used stamps, on Scott pages, includes 63,65,68-73,76,78, mixed condition, some fine appearing (Scott 63,65.68-73,788).
Scott $2,090 Est. Cash Val. $200 - 300.
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Lot 131

Advertising Covers; 1855 to 1904, group of 6 franked envelopes in original Herb Latuchie lot sheets (cost $370) with full descriptions, 4 envelopes, ready to offer up.
Est. Cash Val. $150 - 200.
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Lot 132

Pittsburgh Pa, Postal History, a selection of 15 covers and cards, 8 from 19th century, 7 from 1900 to 1940's, includes advertising, corner cards, fancy cncels, etc., most described with dealer pricing $650, all the work done.
Est. Cash Val. $100 - 150.
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Lot 133

Accumulation of a few hundred covers, loose and in 2 binders, some stampless including BRAZO s.l. from Mexico War, 6 official Treasury 3¢,6¢ frankings unused, Postal Cards, identified, few stampless and older FDC, nothing great but some useful.
Est. Cash Val. $100 - 125.
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Lot 134

U.S. Possessions, Territories, Occupations, etc: Hawaii, Canal Zone, Phillipines, Trieste (Specialized Album), Ryukyu (Specialized Album), plus FDC and many sheets, great variety, never hinged.
Est. Cash Val. $500 - 750.
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