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Swaziland through Turks Island
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Lot 394

Swaziland, 1961, 25c on 2s6d emerald and carmine red, surcharge type II, never hinged, fresh color, incredibly rare, extremely fine.
Scott 76b. (SG 74b).
SG £700.
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Lot 395

Tonga, 1896, ½d on ½d on 2d blue, surcharge reading up, disturbed o.g., fine, B.P.A.Cert. (1995).
SG 36B; £450. (Scott 36).
Scott $500 Est. Cash Val. $200 - 250.
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Lot 396

Transvaal, 1900, Wolmaransstad, 1d red, overprinted "Cancelled V-R-I" in blue, o.g., fine, Brandon Cert. (1986).
SG 9; £250. (Scott 245).
Scott $260 Est. Cash Val. $100 - 125.
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Lot 397
Turks Islands, 1873, Queen Victoria, 1s lilac, very light cancellation, deep color, well centered for these issues, very fine, Ex Caspary (lot 717) F. Godden, Royal Cert. (1921).
SG 6; £2,000. (Scott 6).
Scott $2,250 Est. Cash Val. $750 - 1,000

This is a very rare stamp and superior to the three examples we found in C. Henry, Dale/Lichtenstein and W. Fraser
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Lot 398

Turks Islands, 1881, Queen Victoria, 2½d on 1s lilac, Type 17, setting 3, o.g., hinge remnant, bright fresh color, typical centering for these issues, fine, Royal Cert. (1972).
SG 27; £4,000. (Scott 20).
Scott $4,000 Est. Cash Val. $1,500 - 2,000

Extremely rare especially with gum. Our studies show 1 example in each of the C. Henry (o.g.), Lilly (o.g.), Dale-Lichtenstein (no gum) collections. None in W.Fraser, Caspary, Samos, Isleham.

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